"Hand it over" is an open program that encourages reuse of printed materials.

Resources have been used to manufacture and publish printed content carrying information and data for a dedicated audience. These are often respresented in the shape of magazines, informative flyers, infographics, promotional material carrying detailed information about a certain business etc.. No matter the publication, the information may be useful to somebody else.

The "Hand it over" icon is used to indicate the wish from the publisher, that the reader may pass the publication along to someone else instead of disposal. This can either be done directly by handing it to a colleague, friend or family member, or leaving it at one of the "Hand it over"-hotspots that slowly will increase over time.

How does it work?

Publishers will be placing the icon on their material and include a quick description about the concept to help their readers to be aware of the idea behind.

The icon should stand out but should not be focus point. We recommend placing it in the colofon of magazines and flyers, on the back, or discretely on the cover. What is most important is to create the awareness and to write the info caption that goes along with the icon, so that the readers understand the concept.


Readers see the icon when reading a magazine, flyer, card, or other informative publication. Readers seeing the icon for the first time, will be let aware of the concept when reading the info caption provided in the publication.

When the reader is done with the publication, instead of disposing it to the trash, they will be passing the publication along to someone else that may find the information inside useful.

An example could be that the magazine contained some great recipes for baking, which for one person may be redundant, but for another very useful. The content of the publication is not less of value after first reading, therefor the reader will pass the magazine along to a friend that may find great use of the contents.

Should the reader feel uncertain if someone else would find use of the content, we recommend leaving the publication at one of the "Hand it over"-hotspots available. If no local hotspot is available, recycling the material by disposing it in it's prober container should be done.

Hand it over Hotspots

Hand it over Hotspots are shelves or areas carrying the logo of Hand it over, and a place where readers can leave material that they believe can be useful for others to read afterwords.

Currently there are a few hotspots located in Southern Spain and we are trying to get a better overview of their locations to later implement in Pointplace in collaboration with Phoobs.

Want to create a hotspot?

Join Hand it over!

You can join our network as a supporting reader or publisher. In case you are a company publishing printed material, we would love to know your company name and get some pictures showing your use of the icon. You can send us an email with these.

As a supporting reader, we would love for you to share this link, share this information, and to tell other about it as well. You can join our list of subscribers and receive further information per email whenever we got some great stuff to share: .

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